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Roku beating out Apple TV in United States

Out of all of the various streaming devices available to users in the United States, nearly half of the population using them has chosen the Roku as the device of choice.

A new study conducted by research firm Parks Associates shows that the Roku accounts for 44 percent of the media-streaming population in the country. Apple TV comes in at 26 percent while the other offerings from Netgear, Google and Sony, among others, make up the final 30 percent combined.

The report also added that 25 percent of the United States population are expected to own a streaming device by the end of 2015.

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Mike’s Musings: Though it may surprise some that Apple TV isn’t number one, the Roku has been the most reliable streaming device for quite some time. The fact that it also was the first player to allow the streaming of Netflix had to have had a major influence on the consumers when it came to deciding which device to buy. It also doesn’t help that the Apple TV doesn’t get much, if any, promotion or publicity by the company. That may change, however, whenever Apple decides to release a new version of the device.

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