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Brett Favre would hesitate to let a son play football

Let’s be clear, Brett Favre doesn’t have a son — as pointed out by Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk — but if he did, he’s not sure he would let the tyke play football. I guess, the second-coming of Favre may never eventuate.

“It’s a violent sport, and for two reasons I don’t know if I’d let him play,” Favre told WDAM in Mississippi, via Pro Football Talk. “The pressures to, you know, live up to what your dad had done, but most importantly the damage that is done by playing. I don’t know if I would let him play.”

This isn’t the first time Favre has spoken out about his hesitancy to let a child play football. He made similar remarks about it back in November 2013. I would be real leery of him playing,” Favre told Matt Lauer.

Not every football player runs their body into the ground like Favre did — who came out of retirement more times than anyone would care to count. It was awful watching him limp around in the Vikings uniform, then the Jets uniform. Then again, few players come out of the NFL unscathed. Perhaps none do.

The other issue that Favre broached was the pressure of being “The Son of Brett Favre.” Many would expect the Manning family 2.0. I can’t imagine, however, how he could keep this hypothetical his son off the field. He couldn’t keep himself off the field. If Favre ever does have a son, it will make for some fun family diner conversations when he comes of age for peewee football.

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