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Jonathan Lucroy did not like All-Star Game 'attack ad'

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For something that was harmless and in good fun, the so-called ‘attack ad’ created and run on the Milwaukee Brewers’ website has sure gotten a lot of run this month. The All-Star game is over and the second half of the season ready to start, but the video is still a topic.

The ad was set to persuade fans to vote for Jonathan Lucroy rather than Yadier Molina, a member of the rival St. Louis Cardinals. At the end of the faux ‘attack ad’ Lucroy stands and says that he approves this message.

Even though I don’t think things work this way, Lucroy is now backing up on his approval of that message. From the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

“The whole political attack thing was something that I was not a part of,” Lucroy said inside the National League All-Star’s clubhouse before Tuesday’s game at Target Field. “I did not know that they were going to do that. I’ve never been that guy. If I knew that was going to be directed at the Cardinals … I would have told them, ‘No.’”

Lucroy acquitted himself nicely, and then some, in Molina’s absence. While the St. Louis stalwart deals with a ligament injury in his thumb, the Brewers’ backstop went 2-2 with a couple RBI doubles off the wall. Even with that successful showing under his belt, he still wanted to be sure to smooth things out when it came to this harmless video, for one reason or another.

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