Verizon FiOS increasing upload speeds

Verizon FiOS is finally making its upload speeds even faster.

The new update to the Internet network will see the company’s upload speeds become equal to that of its download speeds, the company announced on Monday.

The update will be free to all current customers. However, it won’t be felt right away, as Verizon will be rolling out the FiOS updates to more than 6 million users in the United States over the next few months.

According to the official statement from Verizon on the update, the fast speeds means that all users will be able to have a much more consistent experience, with better reliability.

“Faster upload speeds means better sharing experiences,” said Mike Ritter, Verizon’s chief marketing officer for consumer and mass business, in a press release. “All Internet sharing – whether videos, large photo files or gaming – starts with uploading. FiOS all-fiber-optic technology offers a unique opportunity to enhance our customers’ Internet experience on a mass scale by increasing our upload speeds to equal to our industry-leading download speeds. As the Internet of Things becomes a reality, equal download and upload speeds will become essential.”

The new speeds offered by Verizon to its customers are as follows:

Existing Speeds New Speeds
15/5 Mbps 15/15 Mbps
15/5 Mbps 25/25 Mbps
50/25 Mbps 50/50 Mbps
75/35 Mbps 75/75 Mbps
150/65 Mbps 150/150 Mbps
300/65 Mpbs 300/300 Mbps
500/100 Mbps 500/500 Mbps


Verizon expects the amount of uploaded material to the Internet to double by 2016, which makes the increase in upload speeds for customers necessary. The increase shows that the amount that people are uploading is close to, or on par with, the amount that people are downloading. With the rise of streaming, this comes as no surprise.

To show just what the new speeds will be able to accomplish. Verizon even released a nifty chart to show just how fast tasks can be achieved, which you can check out below.


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Mike’s Musings: I think this is absolutely great news. I’ve always wondered why ISPs don’t just make their upload and download speeds the same as it would make for easier understanding of Internet packages to many users. Hopefully Verizon is the first of many companies to follow this method of speed. We’ll see.

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