Jul 21, 2014; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Twins catcher Kurt Suzuki (8) hits a two run double in the second inning against the Cleveland Indians at Target Field. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Kurt Suzuki Trade Rumors: Is market shrinking for Suzuki?

The Minnesota Twins have a few different pieces that contending teams may want to trade for but one of their best chips doesn’t seem to have much of a market to swim in and help the Twins find a deal to move him.

As pointed out by Buster Olney in his latest ESPN Insider-only blog post, the market for starting catchers in the Majors isn’t very deep as Minnesota Twins catcher Kurt Suzuki is the only starting caliber trade chip out there which means there’s hardly a market for him at all.

This seems counter-intuitive but the fact of the matter is no one wants Suzuki unless they’re contending and of the contending teams, not many need a starting catcher. Ultimately, the Twins want to re-sign Suzuki at the end of the season but he’s going to test free agency first to see if he an find something close to the $15 million qualifying offer he won’t be receiving from the Twins.

It’s very possible that Suzuki ends up back with the Twins in 2015 but the bottom line is that the chances of him being traded are starting to dwindle as the hours melt off the deadline clock.

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