Apple to lay off 200 employees

Apple announced on Thursday that the company will begin the process of laying off 200 Beats employees over the next few months.

The layoffs account for nearly 30% of the 700 employees the company acquired when it purchased the headphone developers earlier this year.

All 700 employees coming over from the acquisition by Apple will start working with the company after the deal officially closes. However, only 500 of them will remain with the company longer than just a few months, a source close to the sale told the Wall Street Journal.

The report states that the positions hit by the layoffs will come from human resources, finance and support divisions. Apple has stated that they will work to find new roles for everyone affected by the layoffs, which is a big reason why all the employees will stay on in their current roles at the beginning of the transition. This will give the company more time to find new positions for those who would otherwise be let go.

Mike’s Musings: As always, nothing is worse than losing your job due to company lay offs. The 200 people who will be affected by this likely have families to take care of and provide for, and this could be a dark time for those families. Here’s to hoping all of those who will eventually be let go by Apple in the coming months can get back on their feet much sooner than later.

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