Man with no arms throws out first pitch at Royals game (Video)

There have been so many celebrity first pitches in baseball. From former and active Presidents to movie stars and starlets. Some fly over the catchers head while other never make it to the plate. For many the first pitch in baseball, a long standing tradition, can be exceptionally nerve racking. So imagine Tom Willis stepping to the pitchers mound before a Kansas City Royals game and the nerves he must have been dealing with. He took off his shoes, yes his shoes, because Mr. Willis has no arms.

Willis was born with no arms but has not let his life be altered by a disability. If you even want to dishonor the man and say he has one. So with his shoes off, Tom took to the rubber, clenched the ball in his foot, wound up and tossed a high arching ball that made it to the plate. Now imagine the jubilation…from the crowd.

Willis is a motivational speaker and has been for several years. This isn’t his first go around with tossing out the leather to open a game in fact Willis has tossed out the first at 22 major league parks. He is hoping to make it to all 30. Willis has been doing this for his Pitch for Awareness campaign.

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