Samsung phone saves man's life

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Who ever said that having a phone that’s as big as your head is unnecessary needs to meet the man whose life was saved by his gigantic phablet this week.

Chinese website AppleDaily (translation needed) has posted a story detailing how a man is still alive today after getting shot in the chest.

According to the story, the victim got into an altercation with the eventual shooter on the street after the shooter dropped his wallet. The victim picked it up, and proceeded to joke about using the wallet to buy beer.

This lead to the man who owned the wallet to pull out a gun and shoot it directly at the victim’s chest. Thankfully, the man who was shot had the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 in his front pocket. The phone blocked the bullet from penetrating the skin deep enough to damage any organs.

The victim still had minor injuries, but thankfully his bulletproof phone was there to save the day.

Samsung now has a new marketing scheme with it’s line of Phablets: “This phone is so great that it will protect you from gun fire!”

The shooter later surrendered and is being charged accordingly, according to the article.

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Mike’s Musings: This man is one of the luckiest son of a gun’s on the planet. To survive a shot to the chest because of your phone is something that you expect to see in a corny movie, not real life. Luckily, the victim is expected to make a full recovery. I’d expect Samsung to reach out to the victim in the near future simply for the good PR that could come out of it.


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