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Comcast charges man over $1000 in false fees

Another day, another Comcast customer getting completely screwed with unwarranted fees and charges.

A Reddit user known as Dannfuria recently made a post both on Reddit and BuzzFeed detailing the process of returning his equipment to Comcast after he had cancelled his service.

Knowing that the company is notorious for charging ridiculously unwarranted fees, the user decided to record himself when it came to interacting with the company in order to have proof should Comcast try and charge him. In addition to recording interactions, the user requested and received hard copy receipts as proof that he had returned all of his Comcast equipment.

Still, even after returning the equipment and receiving confirmation of the return, Dannfuria received a bill with a $360 charge on it for various unreturned equipment fees.

“I have of course repeatedly and firmly disputed the fees but have not been able to get them removed,” the man stated.

After receiving the first bill, he then received another one for $409.83 due to unpaid balances. He was then hit with a $960 termination fee from the provider for closing his account.

Talk about a complete scam.

And this is the company that Time Warner Cable will, likely, be merging with come year’s end. Do you honestly think this will get any better before it gets worse? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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