Smart contacts app, Humin, now on iPhone

Apple users are all about the streamlined beauty that the company totes throughout the application of its products.

With the iPhone, the simple but picturesque experience only grows with each new operating system.  Now a new app has rolled out that will enhance the way users view contacts.  Meet Humin.

In one app, Humin combines calls, contacts, and voicemail together.  Whereas contacts are typically sorted based on name, Humin sorts through your contact list based on the relationship that each individual shares with you.

Information to back each contact entry comes from your calendar, email, and social media accounts, making each contact entry more informative than ever before.

In a quote to Mashable, Humin CEO Ankur Jain said, “The most common feedback we’ve gotten is why hasn’t this been done before. The idea itself is pretty intuitive, because it’s what we naturally do all the time. It’s just that technology has only now allowed us to solve this problem.”



At this point in time, Humin is only available on the iPhone App Store.  The application is completely free for users to download as well.

Jain has mentioned that an Android app is already in the works and that the possibilities for Humin are endless.  The company sees wearables and car electronics as possible extensions for the app in the future.

Jain said, “You can start to imagine how this search technology can start to apply itself to the operating systems of your cars and smartwatches. Take the idea of how you remember people the way you naturally do, and put them in the context of your daily life in the way you can with your phone, but on your cars and smartwatches.”

The app as a whole sounds like a pretty impressive idea.  Download Humin today and let us know your thoughts.

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