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Cleveland Browns rumors: Brian Hoyer still the favorite to start over Johnny Manziel?

Brian Hoyer has done little to distance himself from rookie Johnny Manziel in the competition for the starting quarterback job for the Cleveland Browns.

Truth be told, all he has done so far to distinguish himself is be a veteran and not flip anybody off on camera. In a battle that has otherwise seen little to inspire a decision either direction on the field, that might just be enough for Hoyer.

Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk writes the following about why Hoyer might hold the edge over Manziel:

Although the Browns drafted Manziel to be the long-term answer at quarterback, throughout the offseason Hoyer has been running the first-team offense. If Pettine thought Manziel gave the Browns the best chance to win their Week One game against the Steelers, then Manziel would have been running with the ones by now. The safer choice is the veteran, and Pettine sounds like he wants to go with the safer choice.

The other relevant factor is the nature of quarterback changes in today’s NFL. Head coach Mike Pettine can afford to run with Hoyer to start the season and then switch to Manziel if he deems it necessary. That would be a smooth, albeit over-hyped, transition. To start with Manziel and then switch to Hoyer, however, would be a complete mess.

That is the case with all situations with polarizing young quarterbacks. Once you go to the younger guy, there is generally no turning back. It is for that reason, as well as the maturity and lack of middle fingers, that Hoyer will likely get the nod to start 2014.

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