Sprint continues fall in carrier rankings

In an effort to try and turn company fortunes around, Spring revealed its new carrier plans for subscribers on Monday that will essentially put an end to the Framily for good.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that, even with the new aggressive pricing, Sprint isn’t on the verge of a major rebound in the wireless carrier race in the United States. And that’s because of one, pretty major, factor: its network.

RootMetrics, the firm that studies to service and signal strength for the major carriers in the United States recently conducted another study on the status of the networks, and it doesn’t look good for Sprint at all.

Previously, Sprint was ranked third out of the big four — Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint — in network strength. However, over the past six months, T-Mobile has worked on improving its network quality, which has resulted in the “Uncarrier” leapfrogging over Sprint for the third spot.

And what has Sprint done to improve its network? Apparently not much, as the company received approximately the same scores that it did earlier this year.

“T-Mobile’s improvement is also clearly seen when looking closely at how it compared to Sprint in our last study versus this round of testing,” the report reads. “In the second half of 2013, T-Mobile finished last in five out of our six categories. This time, T-Mobile jumped over Sprint and finished in third place in four categories.”

RootMetrics did leave Sprint supporters a bit of hope by stating that Sprint could use its Spark system to increase its network speeds in the near future. That being said, it doesn’t appear that it will come by the end of the year.

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