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The noPhone has arrived, anxiety be gone

First off, let me just take a moment to remind you that what you are reading is in fact real, however unfortunate as that may be.  Now, smartphone separation anxiety appears to be a real thing, and there is a cure.  Enter the noPhone, a smartphone separation anxiety device.

With so many people around not only the United States, but also the world, relying on their smartphones, being without it can be troublesome.  Whether your smartphone’s battery has died, you misplaced it, or a multitude of other issues that may have occurred has taken place, people are different without their phones.

Whether you are looking to separate from your phone gradually, or make up for not having it, the noPhone fills the void.  Something as simple as leaving the noPhone sit near you while your phone charges can be a viable application of the device.

Although phone is part of the title, thenoPhone is toilet resistant, shatter proof, and virtually


Yes again, you read this article correctly, the noPhone is real and you can get more information directly from their website.  The idea seems silly in principle, but the fact that it got pushed to production should be more telling.  The fact that we, as a people have, become so reliant on technology and our cell phones is somewhat sad.

Regardless if you think you need a noPhone or not, we could all probably benefit from being away from our smartphones a little bit more each day.  For those of you who can’t, make sure you head over to noPhone’s website.

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