Skullcandy Method Sport Performance review

Skullcandy headphones have long been around in the market.  While the target market for their products is not that of the Beats by Dre category, or even some of the lesser competitors, they have carved out a nice niche for themselves.  Now, with the Skullcandy Sport Performance line, they have yet another offering to bring to consumers.

The line is composed of the Chops In-Ear, Chops Bud, and the Method headphones.  For the purpose of the review, we got our hands on a pair of the Skullcandy Method headphones.

At $29.99, the Method’s come in right in the middle of the Sport Performance line (Chops In-Ear $49.99 and Chops Bud $19.99).  The design is a bit more than your standard ear buds. The Skullcandy Method is a perfect workout pair of earbuds.



The Method’s themselves secure nicely in your ears with multiple different sized inserts available.  With Sticky Gels technology, Skullcandy has created a headphone that stays securely in your ear while participating in an active lifestyle.  Sticky Gels technology is tested to hold the Sport Performance headphones in your ear up to 30% more securely.

In regards to the Method headphones, sweat resistant technology has been utilized in order to best keep the headphones dry during an intense workout.  Combined with Pureclean technology, Skullcandy provides a headphone that also will keep your ears germ free no matter how often you clean them.

The sound quality of the Method’s is probably what separates them most from the pack.  Whether it is the sweat resistant technology or the ample amount of sizes offered, the fact that these headphones stay in your ear delivers a sound quality unparalleled.

Using Supreme Sound technology, the Skullcandy Method headphones don’t claim to be noise cancelling, but with the quality they provide, it wouldn’t be out of line for them to do so.

At $29.99, the Skullcandy Method Sport Performance headphones offer one of the best options on the market.  Both based on value and quality of what they offer, the Method’s should be in every gym bag across America.


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