Apple iWatch unveiling Sept 9, coming later

Apple fans rejoice, September is going to turn into the month everyone has been waiting for after all.  With the iPhone 6 slated to debut on September 9, it looks like Apple will also use the day to showcase a new product.  The Apple iWatch is going to be unveiled at the “exclusive event” as well, although you will have to wait to finally purchase the device.

At this point, everything stands as a rumor, but Re/Code is reporting that the Apple iWatch will be unveiled at the September 9 event.  The iPhone 6 is expected to go on sale immediately with the iWatch looking at a release window sometime early in 2015.

This plan would follow along with how Apple initially unveiled the iPhone.  The first model was shown off, but then not offered at retail until months later.  The event will likely be focused around the iPhone and the iWatch will take a back seat for a later release date.

Re/Code also has mentioned that the iWatch could carry a price tag somewhere in the ballpark of $400.  There would likely be lower prices for lesser models as well, a similar strategy to that of the one applied to the iPod.  While the report doesn’t suggest a firm price, it is a general idea of what consumers can expect to pay for the device.

There you have it folks, September 9 is going to be a big day for Apple fans, thanks to two different devices.  Now the question is, can Apple show you enough to make the iWatch a must have wearable?  I’d bet they can.

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