Julio Jones’ Ridiculous Second TD of the NFC Championship Game (GIF)


The Falcons seemed to almost be underdogs coming into their game against the 49ers, but one man has almost singlehandedly reversed the line of thinking towards the Falcons. Julio Jones caught a wide open touchdown in the first quarter to kick off the scoring, and he added a second touchdown mere moments into the second quarter.

People scoffed when the Falcons gave up five draft picks to get Jones in the first round of the NFL Draft a few years ago, but that’s looking like a bargain at the moment. Jones is on pace to go well over 200 yards on the day and is currently sitting with 120 yards. Matt Ryan’s thrown to Jones 7 times and the receiver has caught all but one of those passes.

The 49ers defense is supposed to be one of the best in the league, which begs the question of how badly would Jones be burning them right now if they were just an average defense. But that’s how good Jones is, he’s making one of the finer defensive units in the league look mediocre at best, as he’s averaging an even 20.0 yards per catch on the Niners secondary.

We still have a lot of time left to play, but if Jones keeps this up we might have a new favorite to win the Super Bowl as he’s singlehandedly making the Falcons look unstoppable.