Tony Gonzalez 10-Yard TD Catch (GIF)


The Falcons nearly lost last week against the Seahawks because they squandered away a huge lead. That seems to be happening once again as the San Francisco 49ers came back from a 17-0 hole to make the game 17-14. However, Matt Ryan and Tony Gonzalez wanted a say in that little comeback and answered with a massive touchdown right before the half.

Gonzalez may be playing in his final game on Sunday, and his career would only be extended if the Falcons made it to the Super Bowl. Prior to last week, Gonzalez hadn’t yet won a playoff game in his illustrious career. Now that he has that under his belt, Gonzalez is eyeing the prize that has alway eluded him throughout his career.

Much like the final drive of last week’s game, the Falcons drove down the field before halftime and attempted to distance themselves from the surging 49ers. While most fans would have be fine settling for a field goal, Matt Ryan looked Gonzalez’s way in the endzone and the two hooked up for one of  the biggest touchdowns of the day.

Sure, Julio Jones’ two touchdowns were great, but this one came on the heels of 14 unanswered points from the 49ers. Not only did it suck some air out of the Niners comeback, but it gave the Falcons some offensive confidence.