Meet The Next Katherine Webb, Lauralee McIntyre of the College World Series

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There’s a good chance you’ve spent your afternoons watching the College World Series this week, right? Wait – you haven’t? Really? Okay – I can’t fault you as college baseball just doesn’t hold the same appeal as the big boys, but if you haven’t you’ve not only missed some great action, you’ve missed Lauralee McIntyre.

Who’s Lauralee McIntyre, you ask? The next Katherine Webb, of course.

You all remember Katherine Webb, right? The girl who did nothing other than sit in her seats at the game while the announcers (namely Brett Musburger) nearly foamed at the mouth while watching her on camera? Yeah, her. Eventually it turned out she was the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron and I have a feeling Miss McIntyre will be getting similar treatment in the near future.

The busty blonde was spotted watching her boyfriend, UCLA outfielder Eric Filia this week and in addition to spending more time on camera than any of the actual games she’s attended, she’s also set the internet ablaze.

Why? Well, I’m sure there are a couple reasons.

You can find more pictures at Larry Brown Sports, if you’re so inclined.