NFL referee Gene Steratore may have had longest penalty explanation ever (Video)

Game officials, be it referees or umpires are meant to be seen, not heard. Well, at least in most sports as in the NFL the referees are mic’d up. Still, while we appreciate their normally short and to the point explanations, that’s the way we like them – short and to the point.

It’s apparently not a memo that Gene Steratore received as the veteran NFL referee might have needed a toweling off and a water break after his near minute explanation towards the end of the first half between the Green Bay Packers and Baltimore Ravens.

As Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb was being escorted off the field thanks to a helmet-to-knee hit, Steratore turned on his mic and well, started busting out an incredibly long winded explanation which seemingly gets more and more confusing every time you listen to it.

Thankfully, I think Steratore got everything sorted out by the end of his ‘report’, though, I’m not completely sure since I feel asleep about an hour and a half into it.