Super Bowl 2014: Broncos players rent out Hooters so family, friends can watch game

Sep 14, 2013; Joliet, IL, USA; Hooters girls before the Dollar General 300 at Chicagoland Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

While players are given the opportunity to purchase tickets to the Super Bowl, it’s a limited amount. If you want 200 tickets for friends and family – think again, unless you want to spend money and purchase tickets on the open market like everybody else.

Knowing this, a couple Denver Broncos players have opted to spend their money elsewhere, renting out a local Hooters restaurant in New Jersey where their friends and family can watch the game on the big screens.

Per TMZ:

Robert Ayers (defensive end) and Mike Adams (safety) both threw some cash in to take over the wing joint in Hackensack, NJ … close to where the players grew up.

“I figured they have good food and, you know … ” a smiling Ayers told “It’s just a great sports bar and a nice place for our families to go enjoy the game.”

No, it doesn’t compare to being at the game – but frankly, having an entire Hooters rented out is exactly awful either.

Wonder how much that cost considering the Hooters has to essentially shut its doors for Super Bowl Sunday. Had to be a pretty penny.