The Best #fantasybaseball Follows on Twitter: Part 2


Ryan Sendek of Analysis Around the Horn keeps up with our keeper values and prospect lists in the dynasty league that several of us play in, so we’ve made him an honorary Crackerjack.  He rightly pointed out that I missed some great fantasy baseball guys in my previous Twitter list! (Part one is here)

That’s my bad. Honestly, the simple truth is that I cut the list off where I did because I was running out to grab some Chipotle for lunch.

Burritos before bros! Is that how that saying goes?

My bad.

You want to be a better fantasy baseball player, you need to hit up Twitter. It’s an excellent place for fantasy baseball content.

Here’s a list of 12 excellent #fantasybaseball Twitter follows that I sadly missed the first time around:

1. @fbcrackerjacks I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want all our readers to follow us. Please do us a solid and give our feed a look. We think we release some pretty good fantasy baseball content and are excited to share it.

2. @AATH_Baseball Here’s Ryan’s feed. He does an excellent job of collecting and collating the various fantasy baseball rankings list around the web. You want one list to rule them all, Ryan’s your guy.

3. @smartfantasybb Tanner Bell runs Smart Fantasy Baseball and developed the projections we use at Crackerjacks. He’s also an excellent source if you want to take a deep dive into the strategies and numbers that can make you be a smart fantasy baseball player.

4. @AskROTObaseball David Kerr is an excellent source as well. He also does a LIVECAST and is quick and helpful to Tweet back an answer to your fantasy baseball questions.

5. @fantasysnob Matt Schindler is one of our Crackerjack writers, but before that he ran a successful site of his own. Needless to say, he knows his stuff and is all all around great guy and great #fantasybaseball Twitter follow.

6. @mrcheatsheet Mr. Cheatsheet is an excellent source if you are looking for downloadable tools and….well, cheat sheets. He also does a great job of predicting potential breakouts.

7. @WHUDEY Whudey is someone you follow as much for his Twitter avatar as you do the fantasy baseball analysis.

8. @GoProFS24 Travis Rowe talks baseball and beer. Need I say more?

9. @sporer Paul Sporer writes fantasy content for Baseball Prospectus. Need I say more?

10. @clavejones I also invite you to follow my personal feed. I’ll warn you. It’s not all fantasy baseball. It’s a mixture of nerd culture – comics, Star Wars, Catan – and tweets from my day job, which is helping social entrepreneurs gets their ideas out in the world and helping fellow humans.

So here’s part 2 of our best fantasy baseball twitter follows. They are good follows, and jolly good fellows. Part 1 is here. There will be no part 3 so if I missed anybody it’s up to you to hit the Tweet button above and share your recommendations for the best #fantasybaseball follows.