Los Angeles Dodgers introduce terrifying new mascot (Photo)

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Apparently the Los Angeles Dodgers didn’t learn from the Chicago Cubs – the whole mascot thing is an acquired taste and iconic franchises don’t often do well with creepy looking creatures promoting their team.

Maybe that’s why the Dodgers decided to introduce their new mascot as a ‘unique performance character’. No, seriously, that’s what they’re calling him. Or it. Or, whatever the hell it is.

The extremely over-sized, rather terrifying ‘unique performance character’ has been spotted at Dodger games wearing what looks to be a smedium uniform in recent days, terrifying any and all age groups as can be seen below.

In fairness, the Dodgers are trying to be more fan friendly and it’s an honorable attempt, though they probably could have come up with something a little less odd and nightmarish.

"“It’s not a mascot,” said Dodgers executive vice president of marketing Lon Rosen. “It’s a unique performance character.”See, that’s what’s great about being a marketing wiz, you can just make stuff up. Rosen also called it a “bobblehead character,” so you can see he’s really trying hard.This non-mascot mascot made its debut during the Dodgers’ first home series of the year last weekend against the Giants. Apparently, it – Rosen refuses to call it a he – mostly walked around waving and posing with fans for pictures."

Whatever it is, hopefully it gets a Pierre the Pelican like makeover in the coming weeks.

H/T Big League Stew