Buffalo bar bans Bon Jovi

A Buffalo bar banned not only Bon Jovi the music from their jukebox, but Bon Jovi the guy from their establishment. Kelly Dudzik of WGRZ reports that the owners of Transit Bar and Restaurant in Western New York have not only made such rules for their establishment, but are hoping to see the idea catch on as a rallying cry against a famous potential owner looking to move the Bills to Toronto.

“People were just sitting back with this wait and see attitude, and we thought, you know, by the time we see, it could be too late,” said Charlie Pellien.

As we’ve discussed here, Bon Jovi has been hot on the trail for ownership of the Buffalo Bills, and he’s made it no secret that he’d prefer to own an NFL team in Toronto or some such metro.

In tiny, provincial Buffalo, this is basically the equivalent of declaring war on the town. It should come as no surprise that the passionate citizens of greater Western New York have rallied against a guy who makes such an easy target in favor of their beloved Bills.

Whether Jovi is serious about buying the Bills or not, fans will not take this attempted shot through the heart of their community lightly.

The ownership bidding for the Buffalo Bills should prove difficult for any prospective buyer. The team’s late owner, Ralph Wilson, laced their current lease with language that keeps the team firmly tied to Buffalo for at least seven more years.

After that, it is up to the new owner to either find a new stadium or find a new city. If the owners of Transit Bar have their way, the former will be the only feasible option.