Jerry Jones is Jon Bon Jovi’s biggest fan


It looks like there is a real chance that Jon Bon Jovi could become the next owner of the Buffalo Bills. While many may not approve or be fond of the idea of a celebrity joining the ranks of the NFL ownership fraternity, one of the most prominent figures in the group would welcome him with open arms.

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Dallas Cowboys owner/general manager/part-time sideline patroller Jerry Jones believes that no one is better suited for NFL ownership than his pal Bon Jovi.

I smell a bromance blooming, but you can decide for yourself after reading the comments from Bon Jovi’s biggest fan.

“I don’t know of anyone that I have any more respect for as a father, or as a husband, or certainly as a potential business partner,” Jones told John Kryk of the Toronto Sun. “And so it’s a credit to him that he’s had the career that he’s had, that he’s qualified to become an NFL owner.

“As we know, you can’t just wish for that. You have to be able to do something about that financially. So he’s an outstanding candidate to be an owner in the NFL, and he’s a great friend.

“You talk about individuals and talk about their qualification — there hasn’t been anybody more qualified to be involved in sports ownership, or certainly ownership in the NFL, than Jon Bon Jovi.”

It is great to see Jerry sticking up for his BFF like that, but we will have to wait and see whether or not that endorsement helps Bon Jovi get any closer to becoming an owner in the league.

For now, Bon Jovi’s chances of becoming a NFL owner are still living on a prayer, but if Jerry’s comments help him get a team Bon Jovi will be singing “hallelujah.”