YouTube to have separate app for content creators


YouTube is showing some appreciation for content creators by creating a new way to make money and manage accounts very easy, as they made the announcement on Friday.

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They said it will have plenty of new features “in the coming months,” which includes a separate app for managing channels, this is a way that fans can pay creators directly.

Matt Glotzbach, the site’s director of creator product management, said the new features came as a result of a survey that is conducted by YouTube about twice a year. The purpose of this is to gather feedback from its online stars.

“Your biggest request? You want to hear about the new stuff we’re working on ahead of time, so you can tell us if we’re heading in the right direction,” he wrote in a blog post. “Well, your wish is our command.”

There’s a video that outlines all the features that are in the works. Glotzbach said the site will these make these videos a regular occurrence.

You can have a look at the video below.

The new funding mechanism, allows users to pay for their favorite YouTube stars directly, and this in turn will allow creators to depend less on advertising revenue.

YouTube also mentioned that some newly included features were the ability to share revenue with musicians, improved content management tools and the expansion of its Creator Academy, as this gives advice on how to create and manage content.