WWE RAW results: Did Daniel Bryan surrender the World Heavyweight Championship?


The big question heading into RAW on Monday night was whether or not Daniel Bryan was going to surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, like Stephanie McMahon requested he do last week.

Well that segment came at the 10 o’clock hour on Monday night, and it’s getting prolonged once again. Basically, after some back and forth, it was decided that Bryan will have a few more days to make the “right decision,” only this time things got interesting.

If Bryan does not surrender the title on Sunday night, then Brie Bella will be fired.

Here’s the highlights of the segment from the FanSided RAW live blog:

"Bryan-Stephanie segmentStephanie is out first and calls out Bryan immediately who walks out onto the ramp with his neck brace on to a huge ovation. She says it’s nice to see him and reminds him that she could strip him of the title and she doesn’t want to make him a martyr. Steph tells Bryan that he knows these people deserve a champion that can compete.Once again she reiterates that he has to surrender it.Bryan gets on the mic and says his win at ‘Mania was the payoff to hard work and sacrifice, and then he announces that the injury to his neck is worse than originally thought. He says that there’s no shame in handing over the belts. Stephanie assures Bryan that he can have a shot when he gets back.He says the people deserve an awesome WWE Champion. He then states that this has been all about Steph holding a grudge against him for what he did at WrestleMania. After he chastises McMahon, he says that he’s going to tell her something that she’s not used to hearing…NO!Afterward, Stephanie reminds Bryan that two weeks ago his wife, Brie, but her hands on her when he was being loaded into the ambulance and they showed the footage.She says that she’s going to give him one more chance at Payback this Sunday to make the right decision, or Brie will be fired."

For as much as this has been prolonged, Sunday will be the final installment in this saga, and one would think that this was done solely for the purpose of getting the WWE Network subscriptions up.