Johnny Manziel, Rob Gronkowski take epic photo at Vegas pool party

Photo Credit: Twitter (@steakNstiffarms)
Photo Credit: Twitter (@steakNstiffarms) /

Over the weekend, there were plenty of people partying it up and getting an early jump on the holiday weekend. Two men in particular, Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel and New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, decided to spend the weekend in Las Vegas.

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Yes, the two men even got together for what appears to have been an epic party.

Manziel and Gronk are already known for their partying ways, so we can only imagine what happened when the two got together.

While we don’t know what exactly happened when Johnny Football and Gronk joined forces for a Las Vegas pool party, we do have an incredible photo of the aftermath.

Check it out:

Photo Credit: Barstool Sports
Photo Credit: Barstool Sports /

The two men were strutting around Vegas for the entire weekend, with stops at various parties an even a cageside seat at UFC 173 for Manziel.