Fred Jackson’s role with Bills may be reduced in 2014

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The Buffalo Bills have built a solid offense over the last few years with the help of the NFL Draft. This year, the Bills traded up from the ninth to the fourth pick in the NFL Draft in order to snag Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins.

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The hope is that Watkins will bring a deep threat to the Bills offense, which in turn will open up running lanes for CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson. Last year, the Bills did not have a great threat of the deep ball, and defenses would stack the box in order to stop the Bills running back tandem.

According to a report from Joe Buscaglia, a Bills beat reporter, Fred Jackson will likely have a reduced role in 2014:

"As the team enters the 2014 season, Jackson is 33-years old and on the final year of his contract, Spiller is fully healthy and the Bills likely have a more defined role for him and the team went out and traded a mid-round pick for a young running back with low mileage and a lot of potential (Bryce Brown). Jackson will still have a solid role in the offense, it just may not be as big as it was in 2013."

CJ Spiller has had difficulty staying healthy during his time in the NFL, and that had led to Fred Jackson taking the majority of the workload during the season. With Spiller finally healthy, it seems that Jackson will now take the backseat to the explosive former Clemson running back.