Here we have Jan Vesely hanging out with an elephant


Remember Jan Vesely? I mean, he’s still in the NBA, but if you aren’t an NBA junkie there’s a chance you forgot about him already. The Washington Wizards drafted him with the sixth-overall pick back in 2011, but have already given up on him.

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Earlier this year they shipped him to the Denver Nuggets in a three-team deal that brought back Andre Miller to Washington.

When a team is trading a young seven footer for a point guard who might retire at the end of the year, that’s a statement on the seven footer’s game and the lack of hope they have for him.

Saying Vesely has struggled in his first three years in the league would be an understatement. In fact, he hasn’t really had that much time to struggle since he’s always sitting on the bench.

For his career, he’s averaging just 15 minutes a night.

He’s probably best known for kissing his girlfriend in the green room after learning he had been drafted and will forever be known in basketball twitter because of the Jan Vesely Stats account.

Some guys just can’t cut it in the NBA, and though he’s still pretty young, Vesley seems like he falls into that group.

But Vesely does have a sweet nickname in “Airwolf,” and he also likes to hangout with elephants. Look, here he is petting one on the trunk in a “Get Your Swoosh On” shirt.

Keep doing you, Jan, keep doing you. (Even if it leads to you getting roasted by Zach Lowe.)