Apple files new headphone patents


Apple has filed a couple of patent applications for new headphone technology that will help reduce the power usage of noise-cancelling earphones as well as start and stop music based on whether or not the buds are in your hear.

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According to AppleInsider, the company filed two applications that cover different aspects of the technology.

The first filing details a new tech system that includes multiple styles of sensors that can help determine if the earbuds are in a user’s ear. The sensors would then be able to turn the headset’s features on and off depending on if the device is actively being used. The application also details two types of noise cancellation that would be powered by the headset itself and/or the attached device’s processor.

The other filing, according to the report, features the same sensor-based active use detection. However, instead of the sensors turning noise cancellation on and off, these sensors will turn the music on and off when it detects the buds being in or out of a person’s ears.

There is no word on if or when this new tech will appear in Apple headphones. But with the recent acquisition of Beats Music official, Apple could combine this new tech with the acquired headphones to make a form of “super headsets” for users.