Could Apple unveil multi-window iPad?


On Monday, Apple will be holding the WWDC conference as we get to see what developers have been working on over the past year. While a lot of people are anxious to see iOS 8 and the iPhone 6, there is another interesting feature that is generating some buzz.

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The multi-window iPad.

There has been some buzz that a multi-window iPad could be announced during the conference and it would be a huge step in the right direction for the folks at Apple.

If you have ever experimented with the Samsung devices — mine has come with the Samsung Note II — then you will know that one of the most impressive features is the multitasking which is made possible by the split-screen capabilities of the device.

For Apple to bring that same functionality to the iPad would be huge and much easier to use with the largest screen.

Perhaps the split-screen functionality would even be a great addition to iOS 8, even with the smaller screens of the iPhones.

Regardless of what happens, there will be plenty of people paying attention to today’s announcements as the flurry of news comes rolling in with the latest developments from the fine folks at Apple.

Photo Credit: YouTube