Apple WWDC 2014: Airdrop now works between Mac and iOS


Since the development of the iPhone and iPad, Apple has pushed integration between it’s three biggest products, the Mac laptop computer, and in iOS 7 they took a leap forward when they introduced the “AirDrop feature” which allowed users to share content across product. The only problem was that it was only available between mobile to mobile and Mac to Mac.

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Integration has been one of Apple’s biggest niche’s lately. They’ve created operating systems that allow the Mac to communicate with the iPhone which is allowed to operate with the iPad, revolving in a circle. We saw something similar last year with iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks when Apple introduced to Notifications Center and iMessage to the Mac computer. Messages could be sent on the iPad and picked up on the other two devices seaminglessly.

But with the introduction of OS X Yosemite, Apple has cleaned up their integration, allowing AirDrop to work between all products whether it be from Mac computer to iPhone 5s or from your iPad Mini to the Mac pro. With AirDrop, users are allowed to share anything up to photographs, contacts, mail, messages, etc.

Of course, Apple still doesn’t allow you to share music, but the relationship between OS X and iOS has taken another leap with the introduction of Yosemite.