Apple WWDC 2014: Apple revamps Safari in OS X Yosemite


With the upgrade to the operating system — hello OS X Yosemite — comes the upgrade to Apple’s internet browser in “Safari”.

“We, in Yosemite, have been able to pack all of the power in the Safari UI into this single bar,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, on the unveiling of Safari’s latest features. “That means you have more space for your content.”

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That bar Federighi is referring to is the Address Bar. By combining the favorites section with the address bar and tabs section, Apple has created a one-stop search section to optimize Safari’s latest features, making Safari look more like it’s iOS counterpart rather than it’s clunky competitors in FireFox and Chrome.

Some other important features in the latest version of Safari include:

  • A tabs view button similar to the “Top Sites” sector of Safari which shows each open tab in block format.
  • Has upgraded its separate private window feature that isolates whichever site is selected within the tab.
  • A “slide-to-reach tabs” feature. Unlike the previous version where tabs would disappear off the sector if too many are piled up, this offers users the ability to easily reach tabs that are far down the line.
  • Apple has added a “share” button to the task bar, allowing users to easily share content and photographs to social networking sites or through e-mail or text messages.

With work done under the hood, Federighi informs us that this version of Safari is expected to be 25 percent faster than it’s main competitors.

The revamped Safari will be available to the common user when OS X Yosemite releases to the public later this fall.