Apple WWDC 2014: iOS 8 announces Extensions


Apple looks to take a shot right at Android with iOS 8, how so?  With Extensions.  Extensions is Apple’s answer in iOS to allow functionality across applications without having to go anywhere else.

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With Extensions in iOS 8, users now have the functionality to never have to leave what they are doing in hopes of doing a related task.

Say a notifications pops up from eBay, do you need to make another bid in order to not miss out on an item?  You can do that right from the notification center.

Have you ever been taken to a webpage that has text that isn’t in your first language?  No problem, iOS 8 extensions has you covered.  Hold your finger on the page and Bing translate will translate the text immediately for you.

What about third-party keyboards, do you need to gain accessibility on a webpage or app, no problem, Extensions has you covered.

In iOS 8, Apple wants to make sure the user is at the forefront of controlling the experience.  iOS 8 pushes the envelope in allowing the consumer to control the experience and works to not take you from the information or task you were currently engaged in.  Whether Extensions is simplifying what you are already doing, or easing tasks you once though only doable on a computer, iOS takes another step forward.