Apple WWDC 2014: iOS 8 coming this fall


The big news of this afternoon’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference comes in the form of when users can get their hands on the upgrades that have been shown.  With so much excitement surrounding the technology debuted today, the big question is when can we use it.

Thanks to a sentiment by Apple CEO Tim Cook, iOS 8 has been made available immediately for the developers that will serve to make the operating system the best yet.  For end users, iOS 8 will be available on a handful of Apple products this fall.

As iOS 8 continues to evolve and grow over the coming months, the final functionality, when it arrives in the fall, should be a breath of fresh air for Apple users.

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Interestingly enough, with the iOS 8 release date being set as far, Apple seems to have decided to not want to tip their hand at what products may be launching with the new operating system already installed on the device.

Regardless of when users can expect iOS 8 in their hands, the groundwork appears to have been laid for some pretty powerful enhancements to Apple’s mobile devices.  As an Apple product owner, the WWDC looks to have positioned the company for great success in the immediate future.