Apple WWDC 2014: iOS 8 introduces Family Share


Often times, a household shares its technology across multiple devices and users.  This is a nice feature as the information and assets can also then be used universally.  The downside is when it comes to paying for technology while using your devices.  Apple ran into issues with children being easily able to make purchases on iOS devices, without parental approval.  With iOS 8, Apple is looking to address that issue.

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With Family Share, up to six different users can access iTunes purchases which would include apps, music and movies, as long as the same credit card is linked to each iTunes account.  Currently, the only way to share purchases is by using the same Apple ID across multiple devices.

Outside of purchases, families utilizing the feature will be able to access each others calendars, reminders, and photos.

Through Family Share, children will also be able to make purchases via their parents credit card, but not without being granted per transaction approval from the card holder.

Apple had to refund roughly $32 million last year due to claims of children purchasing products accidentally.  Also, due to the refunds and issues, Apple had to add in app warnings regarding in app purchases being made.

With the new functionality, the ease of use surrounding sharing amongst family members should only be strengthened.  The heightened awareness surrounding parental controls should give parents a bigger sense of freedom regarding their worries for children mistakenly spending money.

Apple seemed to make a good step forward at today’s Wordlwide Developers Conference.