Former Skype CEO Tony Bates leaves Microsoft for GoPro


Sometimes, you have to leave big things to get to even bigger opportunities.

It appears as though that is the direction former Skype CEO and Microsoft Executive Vice President, Tony Bates, seems to have taken.  Today he was named the President and new member of the Board of Directors for GoPro.

GoPro has grown in popularity from the initial standalone camera device to be a company represented all over the world in multiple different outlets.  On the heels of the $100 million filing for its initial public offering, GoPro brings Bates aboard.  He will report to CEO of GoPro, Nicholas Woodman.

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Bates is well-known as the Skype CEO and the following up as the Microsoft Executive Vice President after the company bought out Skype.  Bates left Microsoft several months ago and was on the hunt for his landing spot prior to winding up at GoPro.

Although Bates is a well revered name, GoPro seems to be an interesting option and destination for the former Skype head man.  While GoPro saw strong initial success, their most recent quarter has shown a decline in growth as well as a slip in profits.  Right before an IPO, those are signs you never want to see.

As GoPro continues to work to build out its digital media reach, it will be Tony Bates, leading the charge into the future.  Bringing a background of software success, his abilities will need to be fully utilized.

Ted’s Takes:  Skype was a company that saw continued long-term success and led Bates to new heights.  While GoPro is still relatively new, formulating a business plan not only for the immediate future, but also well beyond, will be vastly important for the continued success of the company after their IPO.