iOS Apps become most popular way to watch TV online


As the technological world continues to evolve, so does the consumer that participates in it.  With handheld devices and smartphones growing more popular and widely accessed by the minute, it only makes sense that their functionality continues to grow.  Thanks to an Adobe report, for the first time, iOS applications have accumulated to more viewers watching online TV than internet browsers.

With a 43% to 36% market share, iOS applications have outpaced internet browsers in terms of users watching television content.  Android users have generated the largest access point increase however, with a 202% increase, more than both iOS and internet browsers.

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The way viewers have decided to access television content online has changed monumentally over recent years.  As devices continue to adapt to the tendencies of the consumer, it would only stand to reason that the shift will continue to fluctuate.

Smartphones have also grown their percentage of the market share in terms to online video access.  In relation to tablets, smartphones have expanded their dominance at a significant pace.  Smartphones have experienced a 48% year-over-year growth versus 16% for tablets, in terms of video starts.

While iOS apps have continued to grow in popularity in terms of accessing online content, Android applications have continued to see small growth rates.  Android applications are still behind browsers, but are up to 15% from 11% previously.

Ted’s Takes: As applications continue to evolve, they are able to be consistently more targeted as well.  With an application, you know exactly what type of content you are going after.  Many streaming services have their own applications as well.  Due to the user experience on iOS devices, and the demographic that tends to own them, it would make sense that video and streaming content are premium resources on Apple products.