New Mexico attempts to get tryout with Cleveland Browns


I wrote earlier today that Jordan Cameron should help fill Josh Gordon’s shoes in the Browns offense, but if he needs any help, some random guy from New Mexico is ready.

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An unidentified man showed up at the Browns practice facility, gym bag with his equipment in tow, looking for a tryout. Apparently the Browns reputation is that bad. He was quickly escorted away  though and his little tryout with the team was over rather fast. You can’t get too mad at this guy as he wasn’t trying to harm anyone, he just really, really wanted to catch some balls from Johnny Manziel.

A guy can dream, right?

But Chris Strauss from For The Win likened this 2o-something’s hopes to driving up to NASA and thinking that he’ll be able to fly a rocket someday.

"While it would be crazy for someone to show up to NASA headquarters expecting to fly a spacecraft, there’s something about sports that makes certain people think that they’re just one opportunity away from an All-Pro career."

The NFL is an exclusive profession, and it’s ridiculous that this guy could think he would play someday. Apparently, he wasn’t in his right mind.

He may not be able to live out his dream to play in the NFL — assuming that is in fact his dream — but he did get to stand on the field during and NFL practice, which is more than most NFL fans can say. So while he didn’t get to cleat up, he got a consolation prize that most would settle for.