Samsung, Barnes and Noble bring Galaxy Tab 4 Nook


If you can’t beat them, join them right?  That seems to be the strategy that Barnes and Noble is employing.  In struggling to gain any sort of market presence with their tablets, Barnes and Noble is calling out to Samsung for some help.

Barnes and Noble has pushed their Nook tablet for quite some time, but despite being a featured product in both their storefronts as well as their online presence, the Nook has struggled with competition such as Amazon’s Kindle.  The company announced that they will join Samsung and launch a co-branded product in August, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook.

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The tablet will come in a 7-inch size and will feature Samsung’s hardware but will also include customized Nook software from Barnes and Noble.

Nook and the tablet market for Barnes and Noble has truly fall off a cliff, experiencing over a 50% drop in sales.  Samsung has seen success with their tablets and are viewed as the frontrunner in the Android tablet space.  The decision makes perfect sense for Barnes and Noble, but the deal has to make sense for Samsung too.  Samsung currently has a strong tablet presence and doesn’t seem to benefit much from taking on the Nook brand, so what benefit Samsung gets from the deal is uncertain at this point.

As Barnes and Noble continues to be in cost shaving mode and looking to save money, the Nook division will be relocating and downsizing to a new headquarters, less than half of the square footage of their current Palo Alto, CA residence.

On the heels of the news, Barnes and Noble shares were up 60 cents/3.17 percent this morning.

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