X Games 2014 results: Kyle Baldock wins gold medal in BMX Dirt


The BMX Dirt finals were on Saturday afternoon at the 2014 X Games in Austin. The six riders in the finals get three runs to put up their best score and are judged on combination of tricks completed over jumps and tricks executed, so scoring is subjective.

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TJ Ellis’ first run wasn’t great. As he was finishing his run he executed a big trick, but lost a lot of speed and was unable to land the subsequent trick and crashed. Ellis got an 82 in the process. Brandon Dosch, who lives in Austin, started off his first run with a 720 on his first run and finished with a triple tail whip earning him an 87.66, a score good enough for first at the time.

Kyle Baldock was up third and had a big opening run with a bar spin 720, a front flip and a double tail whip leading into a bar spin back flip. He did all this with a broken middle finger and he took first place with a 92.33

After Baldock, Kyle Doyle and Ben Wallace both crashed in their following runs. Doyle got an 80.66 and Wallace got a 76.33. Pat Casey almost didn’t land his final trick, but got an 86.00 to move into third place after the first runs.

Baldock, Dosch and Casey were leading the field in that order for the gold, silver and bronze medals after the first run.

TJ Ellis started off the second group of run and was having a solid run until he tried a front flip tail whip and he didn’t land it. It resulted in a horrible crash and laid on the dirt for a while and an official went over and checked on him while he laid on the ground. He got up and walked away during a commercial break.

Dosch was up next and had a good solid run that started off with a 720 on the first jump and ended with a triple whip at the end. He got an 88.33, which was higher than his first run score but he remained in silver.

Baldock, who was leading after an impressive first run, didn’t slow down in his second run and score an 89.66, a score good enough for second place if he wasn’t sitting in first already. At this point he had the two highest scores of the final.

Doyle didn’t complete his first run without a fall and had a good, solid run in his second trip through the course. He received an 86.66 moving him into third place ahead of Casey.

Wallace was up next and also improved in his second run after a fall in his first run. Wallace got an 89.00 moving into second place from last, and knocked Doyle out of third place and bumped Dosch down.

Casey crashed on the first jump of his second run.

In run three it was the final time for the riders to try and place on the podium. Ellis stumbled on a landing in his third run, after a crash in his second, and he abandoned his run and won’t finish with a medal.

Dosch ented his final run sitting in third place and went for a big 1080 move on the first jump but crashed. That meant he had to hope no one passed his score to knock him off the podium.

Baldock came up in his final run sitting comfortably in first. His third run was nearly flawless and he scored even higher with a 95.00, an impressive feat given the heat in Texas.

Doyle crashed in his final run and failed to make the podium.

Ben Wallace came into his final run in second place and knowing he’d at least get a medal. He had a big run but almost fell on a landing late in the run. Ultimately he was scored a 90.33, improving his score as well.

Pat Casey came up as the final rider and he needed a huge run to move onto the podium. He went off one of the final jumps and came up short landing on top of the dirt mound and it looked like he went face first into the lip.

That meant Baldock held onto win gold, Wallace got second and Dosch got third.

1Kyle Baldock92.3389.6695.0095.00
2Ben Wallace76.3389.0090.3390.33
3Brandon Dosch87.6688.3375.6688.33
4Chris Doyle80.6686.6676.3386.66
5Pat Casey86.0075.6680.6686.00
6TJ Ellis82.0077.3381.0082.00

First Round results:

1Pat Casey91.3382.6691.33
2Ben Wallace89.6673.3389.66
3Chris Doyle87.0086.6687.00
4Kyle Baldock80.0086.6686.66
5Brandon Dosch85.6672.3385.66
6TJ Ellis70.6685.0085.00
7Corey Bohan85.0083.0085.00
8Daniel Sandoval75.3384.6684.66
9Clint Reynolds80.3384.3384.33
10Ryan Nyquist79.0083.6683.66
11Chris Childs75.3381.6681.66
12Mike Clark81.3372.3381.33