LeBron James finishes the huge, two-handed dunk (Video)

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Whether you want to talk about cramps or not (I don’t), LeBron James has proven just how valuable he is to the Miami Heat in the 2014 NBA Finals. Between the loss that befell his team in game one and the victory that he keyed in game two, there is no question where the Heat would be without James.

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Another example has emerged in game three, albeit not necessarily in the manner that one would expect.

The Heat went into halftime down 21 points. Without James and his 16 points, they might be down even more points than that. Consider this: the only other member of the Heat in double figured is Rashard Lewis. No Dwyane Wade and no Chris Bosh. Yikes.

In a half that did not give the moderately interested Heat crowd much to cheer about, James still provided that moment with this big two-handed dunk. Watch the video below as he takes the contact and finishes.

Video courtesy of Zombie Prophet

This highlight is not provided to misrepresent the course of events in the first half: James still finished with a -17 mark. The only player on his own team who fared worse was Chris Bosh, who went into the locker room with a -22 mark.

That domination is then reflected in the numbers on the plus side for the Spurs: Boris Diaw finished the first two quarters with a +22 mark, while Kawhi Leonard was not far behind him with a +17 mark.

James has this dunk, but not much else to show for their tough first half in Miami.