Toyota may build hover car


We may finally be getting to the future that those who lived in the early-to-mid 1900’s thought we’d be in by now. At least, in the way we travel.

During Bloomberg’s Next Big Thing conference in Sausalito, California on Tuesday, Toyota managing officer Hiroyoshi Toshiki said the company may, and is hoping to, build a hover car in the future.

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The reason given for the wanting to build a hover car, other than it would be incredibly awesome, is that a hover car would put an end to road friction while enhancing vehicle efficiency, Yoshiki told those in attendance. No mention on what the vehicle would run on was given, though it would make sense to find out what type of fuel George Jetson used in his space car.

There are currently no concrete plans in place to build a prototype, the idea has been discussed and exchanged among Toyota’s research and development teams, Yoshiki stated.

The news of Toyota’s idea for a hover car comes just months after the company revealed that its fuel cell car (seen in the photo above) will hit the open market in 2015. The fuel cell car will use Hydrogen mixed with air in order to power the vehicle, hopefully resulting in less harmful emissions.

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