Buccaneers hire ice cream truck for last day of camp (Photo)


Most teams have either already ended their organized team activities or plan to do so in the very near future.

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For the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, that day was today and it was capped off with a special treat.

Yep, ice cream. Head coach Lovie Smith, doing what he can to make a favorable impression his new players did what he could to extract the demons left by Greg Schiano and his over the top ways by hiring a local ice cream truck driver to stop by OTA’s.

Clearly, given the players appear to be rushing towards the ice cream filled vehicle like children through the aisles of a toy store, the kind gesture appeared to pay off.

Granted, it was understandably boiling on the Bucs practice field (as always) and the players were doing everything they could to get some of the savory treats their way, especially since there isn’t likely a limit to how many they can have, so I’d be rushing as well.

If this looks familiar, it’s a tactic that has been used before, though it seemingly came to light when it was Tampa Bay Rays coach Joe Maddon who brought in an ice cream truck during spring training for his players.

All in all, you might be able to take the player out of the kid but you can’t take the kid out of the player. We all know how awesome it was during our little league/high school sporting events when there was cold refreshments or food awaiting us after that final horn sounded or the last second ticked off the clock.