NBA Finals: Is LeBron James crying on the bench? (Video)


It is safe to say that the NBA Finals did not go as planned for the Miami Heat, as we can see with what appears to be LeBron James crying on the bench as the final minutes of the game played out.

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After a hot start for the Heat, LeBron and company watched the San Antonio Spurs come storming back to take yet another dominating double-digit lead.

That was all the Spurs needed to go on and claim the NBA title and put an end to the Heat’s quest for a three-peat.

It was an embarrassing effort for the Heat on the court, and it just kept getting worse for the team as the final minutes trickled down. From fans creating hilarious memes bashing the Heat online to the LeBron James crying video, it was just a rough end to the season for everyone in South Beach.

It is hard to tell whether or not LeBron was actually crying on the end of the bench, but he sure didn’t look to happy as he covered his face and put his head down.

You can check out the video for yourself below and determine whether you think LeBron was crying on the bench as his team’s season came to a disappointing and embarrassing end.