China blocks Dropbox


Starting Wednesday, the Chinese government has officially cut off access to the online storage service Dropbox throughout the entire nation.

More from Technology first reported the blocking Thursday morning, revealing that the access was blocked to the website and the company’s mobile apps. China originally tried blocking the service back in 2010, but Dropbox was able to bypass the country’s censorship efforts.

It’s not expected that the blocking will negatively impact Dropbox in a major way. The company had yet to build a solid market in the country thanks to China’s own Internet providers like Baidu offering similar cloud storage services to citizens.

FanSided has reached out to Dropbox for comment, and will update this post should they respond to the request.

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Mike’s Musings: The censorship of the Internet by the Chinese government continues to get worse by the day. Recently, the country even began targeting Google with the blocking of nearly all of the company’s services, and no explanation for the move was given. Chinese citizens have even began petition the government to lighten up on censorship regulations, though it doesn’t appear to be having any effect.