Topanga says she could have ‘jinxed’ Clayton Kershaw’s no hitter


If you were a child of the late 80’s or early 90’s, you likely remember the Friday night sitcom ‘Boy Meets World’ staring Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel, better known by her character’s name ‘Topanga’.

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While she might not have been on the same level as Kelly Kapowski during her ‘Saved by the Bell’ years, Fishel was among the most desired team starlets in Hollywood for a few years and plenty were happy to see her return to the acting scene when it was announced she’d be teaming up with Savage again, this time for ‘Girl Meets World’.

Alongside Savage, ‘Topanga’ threw out the first pitch during Wednesday evening’s Los Angeles Dodgers game and was in attendance to watch the historic no-hitter thrown by ace Clayton Kershaw. Or was she?

Nope. According to TMZ Sports, Fishel stated she left the game early, suggesting that she had been up since the wee hours of the morning and needed to head back down the I-5 to get home .

“I left before the start of the 1st inning,” Fishel told TMZ Sports. “I had been up since 3AM doing press [for the show].”

Of course, it wasn’t all bad as even though ‘Topanga’ missed the festivities after Clayton Kershaw’s near perfecto, she suggested she had a part in it anyway.

“I did everyone a favor because the stars aligned for the Dodgers that night,” going on to suggest that had she been there she may have jinxed the Dodgers ace.

Judging by the fanfare (and drool puddles) on social media after the Dodgers tweeted out Fishel’s photo, I’m pretty sure the ‘favor’ extended beyond Dodger stadium.