iWatch production to get underway?


Although Apple went through their Worldwide Developers Conference without bringing up either the iWatch or the newly anticipated iPhone 6, both are expected to release this fall.  The October window looks increasingly likely for the Apple iWatch, and if that is what the company is planning, production for the newest wearable device could kick off in July.

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Thanks to a report by Reuters, apparently Taiwan’s Quanta Computer Inc. will be starting mass production of Apple’s iWatch in July.

Reuters says that the iWatch will feature a 2.5 inch display and be somewhat rectangular in shape.  The device is also set to be a touch screen and charge wirelessly, a very nice feature.

At this point, Apple is said to be expected to ship 50 million units within the first year of release.  As with any new piece of technology, these numbers remain fluid until consumers show what their wallets can do.

Apparently, Quanta is also already doing trial production runs as they are slated to be responsible for 70 percent of the units shipped.  With July right around the corner, it is likely that the Taiwanese based company wants to make sure to have its bases covered.

The October time frame for the launch of the iWatch would coincide with the window that Apple has generally used to release accessories like the iPad and the iPod.

A final piece of technological background of the iWatch, the source also mentioned that LG is said to be the sole supplier of the screens for the iWatch, much like they have been for all iPad screens.

With October right around the corner, it seems that no matter what the case may be, consumers won’t have to wait long to get further information regarding the newest tech product from the California-based tech giant.