Adobe’s Photoshop Express now on Windows Phone


If there has been a smartphone company that has failed to get its feet under it, then it most definitely has been the acceptance of the Windows phone.  Microsoft pushed out the smartphone as another platform for its own operating system and an extension of many of its other service.  Unfortunately, the smart phone has failed to significantly catch on.

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Yesterday, Adobe brought some good news to Windows Phone users, in announcing that Adobe Photoshop Express would be making its debut on the Microsoft Windows Phone.

Both iOS and Android devices have already had access to Adobe’s Photoshop Express, and Windows Phone users will be entertained with the application for the first time.  Much like the other two phone platforms, Photoshop Express will use a freemium model on the Windows Phone.  Basic features will be offered for free while advanced filters and features will be available through in app purchases.

Photoshop Express allows users to do many basic photo editing techniques like red-eye fixing, cropping, and simple editing of pictures.  Multiple different filters and filter packs are also available through Photoshop Express.

Windows Phone has still yet to see Instagram or even an application such as Camera+ make its way over to the device thus far.  For users of the smartphone, many are experiencing a secondary experience in terms of what the competition brings to the table.

Adobe Photoshop Express comes to the windows phone five years after making its debut on iOS devices and three years after appearing on Android.