Warren Moon believes Johnny Manziel should tone down the partying

Don McPeak- USA TODAY Sports
Don McPeak- USA TODAY Sports /

Not that anybody is going to feel sympathy for Johnny Manziel, but he really has to be tired of hearing from former quarterbacks about what he should or should not do now that he is a member of the National Football League.

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Tonight we have another former quarterback, Warren Moon this time around, saying that Manziel needs to tone it down. Specifically, Moon believes that Manziel needs to be “less public” about his partying. Pro Football Talk passes along the following quotes from an interview with Moon:

"“My biggest problem with him and it’s something he has to get used to and temper down a little bit, all guys are gonna go out and have a good time…Quarterbacks, all different positions. But you don’t want to make it as public. You want to keep it more of a low profile when you are out having a good time. He tends to make it more of a high profile thing when he’s out, so that just opens up all this speculation and criticism by everybody out here. . . . It gives everybody a chance to have an opinion upon him. And a lot of that he brings upon himself by exposing everything that he does.”"

Because, you know, things were exactly the same for Moon and his colleagues during their days as NFL players. Who can forget those guys scolding people when they were out partying so that they could keep it low-key: “Hey, put that phone away,” Moon would say… “What do you think, I want a picture of me partying on Instagram or something public like that? You think I want to go viral?”

And therein lies the problem. For everything that is the same as Moon, Joe Montana, and every other former quarterback remember it being during their days, none of them can relate to what Manziel deals with. Johnny Football’s reputation management problems are truly his own, distinct to his moment and unlike anything anybody else has dealt with except maybe LeBron James.

Moon and his colleagues might have useful advice to offer Manziel in other facets of his career, but this truly is not one of them.